Little Lola’s Outfit – finally complete :-)

The D-rings finally arrived and Mom finished sewing the leg pockets for Little Lola’s pants and the pair of suspenders! Now they are quite like I had wanted them to be. The original picture of the pants showed the pants had little chains and stuff attached to the D-rings and suspenders, but I suppose I can still do that later, when I find suitable little chains. For now, the outfit is complete. See for yourself:


Didn’t that turn out awesome?


Thank you to my mom for all the sewing! ❤

One step closer to Little Lola’s outfit! :-)

Look what just arrived in the mail! Mom had ordered a pink fabric with tiny white dots!


That, along with an ill-fitting black shirt will go on to become a little outfit kind of like the one I had envisioned! I’m delighted!!! 😀 And in case you forgot what I had envisioned, here it is again:


It’s gonna be AWESOME!!!! 😀

Pink marker + Little Lola = ?

Pink marker + Little Lola = PINK HAIR! 🙂

Since I don’t want to share the sad stuff only, today’s good news is that I finally found a marker in the right shade of pink to give Little Lola a pink streak of hair with. Unfortunately the flash reflected off her hair, but you can still see it. Because she needed a pink streak in her hair to be Litte Lola in style. I love my pink streak! Yes, it probably makes me 13 or something, but then, what else is new, I love it anyway! So it was a matter of course that Little Lola would get one, too. Here she is:


Now if I can get mom to sew me little doll versions of those clothes, I’ll be a happy camper ever after! Really! I promise! Purrty, purrty please with a cherry on top and puppy eyes! Hehe!


Don’t you think that would suit Little Lola well?

(I’d not mind wearing those clothes myself either . . .  🙂  )

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